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Default Reastream for Mac

I have found some older posts/threads regarding this issue, but none of them seem to be resolved plus the threads were pretty old. Let me also add, that I am very new to Reaper.

I am wanting to stream live audio from Reaper (USB out of Behringer x32 into Reaper on my Mac) to another computer on the network that will be running a streaming program (more than likely OBS). As others have stated in other threads the Reaplugs downloads are windows only, thus I cannot download/install the Reaplugs or get OBS to recognize the installed Reastrearm plugin in Reaper.

I am confused as to how the plugin can be available on my Mac, but not be available as a standalone to use as others are using it on the PC. Have I missed something or can someone help me know what to do to accomplish my goal of live streaming the audio through Reaper?

Thanks in advance for any help or assistance!
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