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Originally Posted by cloudcuckoo View Post
Actually I would like to view Reaper as a pure Plugin Host where I can send stuff into, process it and get it out.
That usecase is perfect for reaper, because it's stability guarantees uninterrupted performance for 12 hours and more, using it as FOH mixer, and stage monitor mixer and multitrack-recorder at the same time. Never had a single glitch in the signal. (At home I run Reaper more than 2 weeks uninterrupted just as low-latency host for the room correction plugin for all computer audio playback. Hardware is moderate, just a silent notebook, fan always off)
With good VST channel strips you can achieve better and more flexible sound processing capabilities than with any hardware based digital mixer.
I run microphone correction plugins in every channel, and speaker-correction plugins in every monitor and main output.
The (actually with cable measured) 5.6 ms roundtrip latency (ASIO-Buffer size = 64 samples) was not yet noticed by the musicians, otherwise they complain, especially percussionists get confused from noticeable delay in the monitor path.

Multitrack-recording records the raw signal pre-FX, so the FX can be changed afterwards entirely when mastering.

Short answer: yes, use it for your purpose, you'll never find a better and more reliable solution. (Make sure your Windows services are stripped down to the bare minimum, if you use Windows)

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