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Originally Posted by cloudcuckoo View Post
Actually I would like to view Reaper as a pure Plugin Host where I can send stuff into, process it and get it out. Like Live Professor, Waves Plugin Server.

But Reaper can do more for me espacially with 3d Audio in mind.
So I would like to have a clean interface specifically designed for routing und adding plugins into it.
Stability wise I tested reaper in broadcast live situations and so far it holds its ground.
Plus you can record into Reaper if you want, which I do.
Example: Sequetron midi sequencer by Phil Tipping (which is best midi sequencer on earth, without a doubt, if you know a better one, you have to prove it, write here _________________ as midi looper and experimentation field, slaved to Reaper via midi clock, it could be any hardware sequencer as well, its midi output going into Reaper, playing sounds+fx, recording all tracks output (not input) during performance/experimentation/fun, later you can select better parts, using Reapers excellent ripple editing for all tracks, basically just deleting areas which you did not like without long discussions. If you have nothing left after all deletion, just record again, that is the fun part of it. After 1 hour fun, you might have a few minutes (2-3 minutes) better, original, interesting parts which you might want to keep, just save as .rpp.

For complex routing ideas you might check folderify.lua, search in forum or youtube.
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