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Originally Posted by OldNick View Post
The Transport Pause button has no Action Assigned AFAICS. How do I assign one, please?
Transport pause button, like any button, has some action assigned to it. In this case that action is Transport: Pause and the shortcut for it is MediaKbdPause. You can assign some other keyboard shortcut for that action if you want to, or remove it. But that won't defeat what the pause button itself does when you press it.

Same the other way around, you can make a pause related custom action and assign a shortcut for it. But you cannot assign that same shortcut for the pause button. IOW, default buttons have actions hardwired to them. They don't have to have a keyboard shortcut for them to work, but you can assign even a different shortcut for them if you want to. Custom actions on the other hand have to have a menu entry, a separate toolbar button or keyboard shortcut assigned for them, otherwise you won't be able to call those actions.

TL/DR: Real difference here is that default buttons, menus and shortcuts work as is, for the custom actions you'll have to decide and create a way you want to call them up, unless you're fine with using just the actions list. But you cannot overwrite what the default buttons do.
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