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Default Quick question about naming tracks....

As we all know, often times naming conventions can matter with software and file names, etc...

I know that at first it might sound minor, but when you have LOTS of tracks it can matter, BUT, when giving tracks their names, do you all say it is cool to have spaces or NO spaces in your track names?

For example with mine, I have LOTS of vocal tracks because I am recording myself singing on lots of tracks to make myself sound like a choir. These vocal tracks are then going to be synced to video files for a music video I want to do.

For my track auto color I have it triggered by the letters VOX. That makes the tracks BLUE that have VOX in the track name. So, if I have 20 tracks, would you all do

VOX1, VOX2, VOX3 ...

or does it matter if I did

VOX 1, VOX 2, VOX 3 ... ????

And this could apply to instrument tracks as well, so if you had more than one of ANY instrument, etc...

How do you all do this ???
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