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Just so everyone knows, there probably won't be any updates to this for a little while - in order to accomodate all the neat things Sexan keeps thinking of, I need to rebuild the script to use some of my existing graphics code (see my Chord Helper script).

Currently we're planning to add:
- Choose individual menu background and button colors.
- Choose different-shaped buttons, either per context or per menu.
- Context-sensitive, so it can open a different menu if your mouse is over the arrange area vs track panel vs MIDI editor, etc.
- Options to automatically perform the highlighted action when you let off the mouse, and/or to not make you hold down a key; the window would stay open until you closed it, maybe.

(I'm sure there's other stuff that I can't remember at the moment)

"Setup Mode" will be a separate action, since it's going to need a much bigger window, which means we could also look at right-click options for the menus. Maybe a few extras too like Sexan's volume fader demo above, or using the free space at the sides of the window for volume/pan sliders... we'll see.

Re: window transparency and not having a title bar, the script API can't do this at the moment. Maybe some day...
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