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It pretty much is.

The core may be closed, but on top of that it's almost infinitely scriptable in a way no other DAW is. Best of both worlds, I'd say. Stable official releases and unparalleled user customisability. I'd also conjecture that efficient audio processing requires a degree of organic low-level design that probably doesn't lend itself well to wide community coding. I doubt it could be improved significantly by crowd effort.

Most of the team have worked on other audio software in the past and the field is quite mature - there are just some baseline optimum ways of doing things.

Bear in mind also that the Cockos team actively monitor these forums. No other software company that I'm aware of fixes bugs and addresses user requests as regularly and rapidly. In that sense, it's almost open source, just on the level of contributing ideas rather than tinkering with the code.

And if by open source, you mean free - being uncrippled to try, it's effectively donationware.

PS I'm not sure of the legal details, but to my knowledge at least two of the four supported scripting languages are purely open source.
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