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Originally Posted by Xenakios View Post
But none of the scripting language implementations/extensions in Reaper are themselves open source. One is stuck with how Cockos implements the scripting languages to be used.

C or C++ extension plugins can add new API functions compatible with the scripting languages but for example with Lua the situation isn't ideal. (Things can get quite messy to deal with, both on the C or C++ and the Lua scripting side.) In any case, it is more or less be possible to add completely custom scripting language support too, which I have been considering doing myself for Lua.
Fair points. I've only used EEL and Lua myself, and I much prefer the latter. Haven't yet encountered any situations where I've needed more than the supported API.

I seem to recall one of the in-house programmers lamented the fact that Lua wasn't around, mature enough or chosen when they were coding the main program. I believe REAPER was written in EEL.
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