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Originally Posted by DeathByGuitar View Post
Do you mean they've moved on to other software suites, that they've given up on producing content altogether, or what?
Oh, they're still doing what they did.

Take magazine publishers and advertising agencies. GIMP is just as good as Photoshop. There's no secret sauce - discreet cosine transforms, dither and masking algorithms, etc aren't copyrighted. Just differently implemented.

For page layout, most of the major UK and European newspapers still use InDesign, but it's starting to decline. They need the split-page networking facility, but there are workarounds for open source alternatives.

Book publishers work in PDF. They don't care if you've used Libre or Word to generate it. And if an editor needs to get at it, they're usually happy to work in ODT.

And the BBC have been using REAPER for location work for several years. It's starting to leak into studio work as well.

I vector converted something for a friend some time ago in Inkscape. No problems.
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