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Default A Silent ITEM added to a Region on new Track ??

Hi Reaperites,

Have an idea that I'm trying to see if Reaper can do this.

Mastering ... I always have all Songs on a single, 'original' Track.

Each Song is in a Region.

Often times I need multiple Tracks that handle various Processes. That works great.

What I'd like to do.

Just as we can Insert FX inside an ITEM ... I would like to have an ITEM placed in an Above Track, that I can assign an FX to ... which I can Route to.

In other words ... something like a SILENCE media that fills the same Region as the Track I'm working. Something that can contain an FX.

Is this possible.

The Workflow ...

Say this 'Blank/Silent' track has a Limiter inserted. Each Song that is within its own Region could then have a Track with all Silenced ITEMS with an FX, and allow each ITEM to have it's own CHAIN of Processing.

yes ... we know that an ITEM can contain all the Processing effects ... but I need to maintain a type of separation in the Processing ...

example: 1st layer may be EQ's, 2nd layer could be harmonics, or tapes, or de-essr, and the 3rd layer, Compression, and the Final layer for the Final LIMITER.

Each of these would vertically align within the Song Region.

Make sense ?

Any idea HOW to get a 'silent' Media into a Region, that can hold FX's ??

Thanks for any ideas, suggestions.
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