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Default Feature request for expanding control surface functionality

Hi !

As a summary of this thread ( I would like the powers that be to consider adding some extra options to Reaper regarding how control surfaces work.

This is very specific to a control surface that a) doesn't have motorized faders and b) doesn't have 'banks' or 'scenes' built into it (ie the Korg NanoKontrol2)

The issue (two fold):
1st: Non-motorized faders cause 'jumping' in levels to where the fader is on the control surface when switching to a different bank and then moving the fader. There is no option to select 'soft takeover' when having configured the control surface in a specific mode through preferences

2nd: When setting up manual track volume adjustment through Actions in Reaper there is nothing that caters for having 'bank switching'

Proposed solutions/features:

The 1st issue:
Implement a 'global' 'soft takeover' setting on all 'track volume slider' related control input.

The 2nd issue:
1st possibility:
Add a Reaper function where you can assign a shortcut in actions so that you can group tracks that you can then 'page' through and assign controls to.
You can assign two buttons for up/down(or keyboard buttons for a finite amount) for these groups, also with an option to be able to set the amount of tracks in a group. (Although starting with a default of 8 would be good enough)

The behavior would then be (if you chose the 'group size' to be 8):
The control surface would control tracks from 'selected' up to 'selected+7' and when you hit the 'bank' up/down button it will change the 'selected' to the next or previous 'start track' (1, 9, 17 etc) and then have the faders on the control surface then control that and the next 7 again.

2nd possibility:
Expand the current 'Track: Set volume for selected tracks' action to have 'Track: Set volume for selected+1 track' 'Track: Set volume for selected+2 track' and so forth and then have another button/action where you can then jump/cycle through selected tracks with either a shortcut (where you can hit 'shift+1 to go to track1, shift+2 to go to track 9 and so on)
Also - Anywhere you have selected a track you will then have the control surface sliders start controlling from that track onwards

This will need a bit of a think as I'm not sure what will happen if you end up ctrl-selecting multiple tracks and then start moving sliders around

Another possible fix:
Add a driver/template specifically for the NanoKntrol2 through control surfaces in preferences with these issues addressed

Of the two issues I think having a 'global' behavior setting for 'soft takeover' on all track volume related sliders will be the easiest to implement and also will make the Klinke driver perfect for use with the NanoKontrol2

Thank you for your time !
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