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Originally Posted by poetnprophet View Post
you need to find out where the plugin installs and use that path. yes all plugins are setup that way! it may help to uninstall, then reinstall and either 1) pick the path that best suits you or 2) note the file path and use that to point reaper

you don't have to "feed" it midi from another track. simply rec/arm the track with Beats loaded, and set the input to Midi and pick your hardware (or all channels). and enable input monitoring.
Thanks for the reply and you did far. ATS I have found the dll and need to see if if it will plug in.

Yeah I knew that I had to fund the path and that's how it works...but...although I had already found a dll (which did not work) , your idea to reinstall was the clue. But Akai / Steinberg are MOST unhelpful...they do not allow choice or even a decent view. I knew there was a Steinberg connection and saw it flash across the screen during reinstall, while I watched like a hawk. So I did a search of program files for steinberg and found MPC Beats.dll

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