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Originally Posted by domzy View Post
Don't move the .dll!

Steinberg invented the VST system, so a lot of plugins with install routines default to C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VST plugins for 64 bit & C:\Program Files (x86)\Steinberg\VST plugins for 32 bit plugins

Is it in either of these?
Have you got these paths defined in Reaper?
Thanks for persevering. Yeah I have tried guiding Reaper to the steinberg/vst folders and I know the dlls are there. Nada.

OK. I have not had a cost for this beyond a download and more than the justified time. I cannot find any info on how to make it work. I tried in Cacklewalk as well. I seriously suspect that Akai and Steinberg are hand in glove, here.

It was just curiosity for me, so I give up.

Thanks for the effort. I really do appreciate it. I know it looks wasted, so I am throwing in the towel in order not to waste any more.
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