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Originally Posted by juan_r View Post
Thanks for your answer, martmix. What I referred to as the ASIO Control Panel is accessed exactly with the button you highlighted in Reaper's preferences. It can also be accessed differently, but it's the same dialog box (straight from RME drivers).

Yes, at 128 everything worked fine. Even at 1024, as long as that setting is in effect before Reaper starts. Or more precisely IIRC, if the system is booted with the soundcard buffer already set at 1024, everything is fine. What seems impossible to do is to increase the buffer size and have the setting make sense to Reaper without restarting Windows. Restarting Reaper didn't seem to cut it.
you have to find the "sweet" spot what work best with your system,
recording vs mixing.

if i want to change the buffer of my soundcard,i make it under (reaper-preference-device-asio-configuration(so that reaper "recognise" it,now)

[cpu=i7-6700,12gig ram]DAW=reaper-[roland-quad-capture]-[krk rokit-5 G3]-[TR5-eq 81]-
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