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Originally Posted by _Stevie_ View Post
v5.978+dev0515 - May 15 2019[*]+ Reascript: for automation items, CountEnvelopePointsEx, GetEnvelopePointEx, SetEnvelopePointEx, and DeleteEnvelopePointEx all use point index based on one full loop iteration (see documentation)
Awesome - one problem only - GetEnvelopePointEx() always returns false for selectedOutOptional.

I presume this is because looped AI can have different point selection per iteration so this function now may break old scripts.

Thinking out loud, I think the most elegant solution would be just one function that translates old functions point id to single-iteration point id. Or yet another Ex2 set of these API functions? Or both?
I think having both translation function and Ex2 functions should cover it all and it will also keep old scripts working?

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