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working fine on snow leopard. pretty slick program.

two things and it would be perfect:
- ability to create directory when browsing for a save location.
- an option for individual resizing.

three more things and it would be beyond perfect:
- hue adjustment.
- hue from b/w adjustment (the "colorize" effect)
- brightness/contrast adjustment.

I use adobe lightroom for things that this can do, which is totally awesome because SnapEase is about a trillion times faster and more responsive than lightroom.

P.S. if this could upload and update an xml file that a page could read and load the images off of... I could die a happy man.

I've always wanted this:
drag some images in
click to add some tags (for search purposes)
click to add the photo set it should be in
click upload

automatically generates and uploads the data required for tags/categories.

your online gallery has new images added and categorized.

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