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From the bug tracker:

Originally Posted by soulaccess
Hey y'all
first time poster here... and I start out with saying sorry for bumping an old thread.
I had the same problem as the OP (at least with the F13-F19 keys) with a german keyboard layout.
A workaround is to create "Application Shortcuts" in the "System Preferences" of your mac.

here's an example: if you want to assign "Load window set #01" to "F16" do this:

1) Open up System Preferences and go to Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts > Application Shortcuts (in the left pane)
2) Click the + button below the right pane, choose Application:
3) in the field "Menu Title" write "Load window set #01" (exact name as in the reaper menu)
4) Click the "Keyboard Shortcut" field and hit the F16 key
5) Click the Add button. done.

worked for me, hope it helps someone else as well!
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