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EDIT: 2 ignore the below sws team but I;ll keep it here in case someone else makes the same mistake. Basically you can use the sws zoom functions (non toggle) alongside the save and restore arrange view commands to add zoom ins to custom commands even when your already zoomed in! sigh, feel silly now but it was late when I did this!

Hi Jeffos and Tim hopefully small request here!

I was just making a useful "auto crossfade loop maker" custom action and came across something I come across a lot with toggle commands (especially with sws toggle zoom).

Would love a single additional sws action that would "reset zoom state to off".

This would then allow me to make sure that if an action has a toggle zoom in it would reset to zoomed out first so that the action didn't end up zoomed out when it should have zoomed in!

The problem could probably be solved with using the sws cycle actions system as the state can be check but wanted to keep this simple for newcomers too (although will do a cycle actions one too)

EDIT: I might try the zoom in function instead and the save current arrange view and see if that solves the problem anyway! will report back!

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