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That feature sounded like the absolute "bee's knees"!

Is there anyway to get this back! I was just thinking how cool it would be to have a SWS cycle action on one toolbar button that would cycle through my different studio monitors and actually tell me which ones it's on at that moment rather than having loads of toolbar buttons for this since I'm actually running out of screen space and toolbars for that (even with 4 screens).

Not only this but there are so many cycle actions that would be so informative with this! Is this is "nudging justin" (for additional program hooks) that's stopping it or really just feature creep on the users' behalf?

Originally Posted by Jeffos View Post
Yes, I removed this feature recently: "!Stuff" used to display "Stuff" in button toolbars' tooltips. Unfortunately, it was broken following some (inconsistent, IMHO) user requests :/
There's still a feature with "!some text" though: when the option "Consolidate undo points" is ticked, steps like !blabla or !foo provide custom/distinct undo point names for each step ("Undo foo", "Undo blabla").
When you use simple ! steps, the undo point name is the cycle action name.[/i]
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