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I had an idea for cycle actions today that would be quite powerful if it's possible that is!

Would love it if the ReaConsole "select only tracks named.." could trigger the "IF" logic in cycle actions when any track is found with that name and NOT trigger the rest of the cycle action if it doesn't find a track with that name.

Scenario: I made a custom action today that on activating, sends the selected tracks to a track containing various forms of multi input analysers (via your lovely create cue buss action) and this all works well BUT..

..what I'd like to do is add a conditional "IF" to the cycle action so that IF it finds a track called "analysers" (via a ReaConsole search) it will NOT run the command again.

By this I mean there's no way for me to accidentally run the cue buss command again because if it already finds a track with the analysers on it (via the name "analysers") it won't run the rest of the action!
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