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Posted these two bugs as recording bugs but realised they were caused by me adding a cycle action to my record and stop buttons.

I was trying to get track layouts to change to recording meters whilst recording then flip back again on stop but looks like there's some issues there!

I suspect it's because I made a reaper custom action that went:

Transport: record
record layout toggle (that's the cycle action)

The actual custom cycle is below and is close to the one mentioned in Jeffos post about cycle actions. Is there a way round these bugs? Have I caused a tear in the fabric of time by nesting them like this? I guess I could have 2 cycle actions that are identical with one with record at the start and one with stop at the start and cut out the custom action? will try it! EDIT: nope that didn't work either. made a single cycle action and still get the below bugs)

BUG 1: If you have metronome set to count in (not pre-roll) then any notes (and sustain pedal) that you press and hold before the count in has finished STOP the note actually being heard once recording actually begins. You can see the note but I suspect it's that quick double note problem that is causing the first note to have a "note off" event kill it straight away.

Instructions are:

1: set 1 bar count in.
2: record MIDI in normal mode (not items or time selection)
3: hold a note down and your sustain pedal during the count in period

Expected: to straight away hear (and monitor) the first note complete with the sustain.
Outcome: first note is visible but not actually audible and sustain is also not active.

BUG 2: this is a NASTY one. change from count in to an actual pre roll and then record a few looped bars. All the notes are actually placed (offset) by the pre roll amount. ouch!

Instructions are:

1: set 1 bar pre roll (turn count in off.)
2: record MIDI in normal mode (not items or time selection)
3: play in some notes whilst looping 1 bar.

Expected: To see the notes recorded into the looped area.
Outcome: notes are offset by pre roll amount and the item ends up being both in the pre roll area and the looped area but the actual notes are left of where they should be.
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