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Default a request

James HE responded to me in a thread where i asked about how to reduce the velocity rande of selected midi notes with this:

Originally Posted by James HE View Post
you can open the midi note properties, (ctrl + F2 is default i think) and you can divide the selected note velocities by a number. Usually after I do that add add some number back to the group.

(instead of divide, I multiply by a number less than one - it just makes it easier on my brain to calculate a percentage. (*.5) cuts the values in half, or 50%. (*.33) makes the values be 33% of what they were.


note a=120
note b=60

*.5, then

note a=60
note b=30

add 40 back in, then

note a=100
note b=70

so this, effectively, is what you are wanting to do. it compresses the value range of the velocities. I guess you could figure out some mathematical expression to work out the median after you divide and raise the values back to that.

I just usually end up dragging the velocity handle back up till it "looks" right.

It struck me as something that might be quite simple to make as an action. Choose one value to use, make two actions, and increase, and a decrease, and then you could have a sort of increase decrease velocity range for midi notes.

idk, just an idea, thought it might be cool and easy.
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