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The following were in the commment section from the LCS_Luna Stash page:
Originally Posted by joseph1960 // September 20, 2019
I have tried to install this theme, but it dose not look like any of the pictures shown. I have followed your installation procedure! Do you need a special graphics card?
no special graphics card is need for the theme.
Please verify that you followed the steps correctly;
- download the theme file.
- drop the file that was downloaded on to an open Reaper window or copy it to the ColorTheme folder and open it using Options/Themes
NOTE: do not unpack or unzip the theme file, use it as is.

Originally Posted by joseph1960 // September 30, 2019
Whats the point of commenting if you don't reply and post themes that do not work!
The comment of mine previous to this was restating my standard statement requesting all questions, comments and requests be posted in this thread.
Troubleshooting installation issues clearly falls under "questions".

Although you seem unable or unwilling to follow my directions regarding this, posting in this thread is still your best option, since someone else may be able to clarify why the theme or my instructions are not working for you.

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