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Originally Posted by technogremlin
At your request I installed the latest Luna version and compared it to both
LCSSolaris and Mahina.
Thanks for checking it out and giving you perspective.
I made quotes appear in green from this point to save space.

It's nice that the default mixer panel is resizable.
Thanks, that was one of the goals.

In Solaris I use the 'fullscreen' mixer layout, I like that the VU-meter is on top in that layout.
However, this is a very minor thing that I wouldn't give any priority.

I may do another version with the Flex Fader layouts removed.
I will consider reincorprating the Fullscreen layouts in it's place.

The placement of the fader set value is not optimal, you have to search the layout to find it. But I could get used to it. It is better in Solaris_LCS though (see below for more on the VU-section.
Yes, I totally agree with this.
I noticed it seemed too crowded there not long after I posted the theme.
I have plans to change it to bottom of the meter and move the IO to the top like this:

The routing as shown directly below the VU-meter was way better in Solaris (full names instead of just 'M S R'). It takes up a little bit more space, but in Solaris it has this 'at a glance' effect that I miss in Luna (and in Mahina actually).
As mentioned above, I may do another version with the Flex Fader layouts removed and reincorprating the Fullscreen layouts in it's place.

I do like the new mixer buttons in Luna, would be nice if the set state would be a little bit brighter.
They seem pretty bright to me, but I will experiment with them if/when I make a new version

I really don't like the round arm-button. It is completely different from the rest of the buttons. At first it didn't even look like a button, more like a light. I would like a similar button to the rest of them.
Ahh.. that is unfortunate.
The circle around it is supposed to help identify it.
It's different from the others to help notice it when scanning quickly regardless of being lit or unlit.
I will experiment with it if I go ahead with the new version

I have my mixer in a separate window (on a dedicated monitor) and the top of the FX list is very cramped against the top of the window in Luna. In Solaris there is some stuff above the FX list and in Mahina there are a few pixels space which looks much better.
Yes, unfortunately, the FX area here is outside the area controlled by the WALTER code.
If you switch to the Flex Fader layout you will see it has the same issue.
Not sure I can create the same flexibility for the FX section within the Walter code.

The slightly darker areas around the mixer buttons look much better then Mahina, especially with colored tracks.
Yea, I was thinking of seeing what they would look like in Mahina at some point.

Of course I'm missing the strips with separator included
I will look at adding spacer layouts if/when I make a new version

So far, for me Mahina is the better option now. However, Solaris still has a few things I really like and Luna seems like a nice mix between Solaris and Mahina.
Basically, if you could bring back the original VU-section from Solaris_LCS with all the embedded information, change the round arm-button, get the lighted track names from Mahina in there and add some integrated separators (like you did for me in Mahina), this will be a masterpiece theme and I gladly switch to it.

The VU section is a possibility
The Round arm button will likely stay, but I'll look at it.
The lit track labels are unlikely, since I tried them when making the Solaris_LCS theme and they just don't look right to me, which is sad because I also like them.

Or just get the Solaris_LCS VU-section in Mahina and be done with it
see the LCS_Mahina thread for a response to this.

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