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Originally Posted by Rusty Falcon
Hi Lucas: In another thread on the Smooth_6 theme, you asked me if I had any missing items or issues with LCS_Luna in Reaper 6. About the only thing is the lack of a Theme Adjuster to fiddle with some of the interface items.

I tried copying the default Theme Adjuster to LCS_Luna_Gray_v1.5_theme_adjuster.lua and got an error trying to run it that the theme "is not compatible with this script".

Other than that the two LCS_Luna themes work fine for me in Reaper 6.
Thanks for the details, Falcon
unfortunately, I have no plans to change the theme to utilize the tweaker script.
It's a can of worms I don't have time to deal with at this point.

What ability is the script tweaker giving you that want to use?

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