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Originally Posted by Philbo King View Post
Since it seems to affect the highs specifically, there is a fair chance you are running into aliasing in plugins. One solution is to change the project sample rate to 48k or even 88.2k.

Aside from this, intermod distortion can be caused by any nonlinear processing that is fed more than 1 frequency at a time. compressors, limiters, saturators, clippers, even clipped samples.

Start by putting a spectrum analyzer on the master track. Solo each track, one at a time, and look for audio frequencies that aren't a multiple of the fundamental note. Those are the culprits. If these only show up when 2 or more tracks are soloed, it is caused by intermod distortion.
Thanks!!! I believe you may have hit on the most likely culprit with the aliasing. The tracks in question all have a good amount of high harmonics, as mentioned earlier. It's the combinations of those in very specific places.

I've done some experimenting with raising the samplerates of the projects and done some rendering, but haven't done enough to see if the problem is affected for the better. One step at a time - changing the project first, and making sure there are no obvious differences because of that that. So far none.

I opened the files rendered at higher samplerate in Audition and looked at the spectrum in there. I can see hints of energy above 22K in them. That to me does seem to point to there potentially being some energy above the nyquist frequency. Audition won't display anything above that for any given samplerate (grin - well duh).

Thanks for your thoughts. I'll post here if I find something definitive. I suppose others have run into this, so I this helps them. That said, my guess is most folks won't be mixing projects with this much HF. Airy mellotrons are special.
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