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Must admit reading through the thread I too was wondering induced noise along the lines of Philbo's post.

Several threads show up people having problems with induced digital noise from usb comms, PSUs, exacerbated by grounding problems on the digital side. This is usually at higher frequencies and would seem it should be a first port of call when doing odd 'noise' diagnostic investigations.

As posted above aliasing ought not to be an issue when inputs are properly filtered.

Intermodulation distortion by it's very nature requires non linearity in tge signal path (maybe a good reason to do distortion effect on individual tracks before any mixing?)

I did wonder in passing why there is so much very high frequency content in the recorded material. A very small fraction of the population can even hear 20kHz; 22kHz? Must be music for dogs...... :-)

Many a transducer for listening (speaker, headphone) will not handle high levels of those frequencies without themselves distorting owing to their non linear responses! Is it worth including them?

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