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Thanks for your response....I'm stiil having this problem, even in reaper 4.01. And I don't think it's about the azerty or american keyboard:

For example the keys F16 until F19 (wich are typically Macintosh keys I think) are interpreted in the Action keyboard input windows as "MIDI f9 00 00"

Others strange keys:

$ => "Shift+4"
=> "MIDI f9 00 00"
1 => "Shift+7"
shift+1 => "shift+1" (this one is ok!!??)
2 => "MIDI f9 00 00"
5 => "shift+9"
6 => "MIDI f9 00 00"
F13 => "Printscreen"

It's with an apple azerty belgium keyboard.

Anyone could try just typing F16 to F19 keys in the Assign windows, because these keys are the same in belgium or american keyboards....

Thank you
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