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Originally Posted by lucas_LCS View Post
I get this message every time I open the portable install for OSX:
"Reaper64 wants to make changes"
I click cancel and Reaper runs fine without the changes.
Is there a way to get rid of it or tell 'no' automtically?
One of the stock "gate keeper" features in OSX is to ask for your system password if you modify the Applications folder, your home folder Library folder, and a few others. Hence needing the password to install any apps.

Reaper puts its "resource folder" in the user account Library folder by default. This lets you preserve settings/customizations when you update itself.

I haven't checked to see if Reaper defaults to a portable install (putting the resource folder in the Applications folder with in this case). But you basically cancelled an operation you yourself initiated.

You can in fact turn that off in OSX System Preferences. The idea is that it's a safety net for accidentally clicking on some download link that might lead to an installer autorunning that you never intended. Typing your password isn't much to ask for such a safety net but that's up to you.
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