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Originally Posted by storyteller View Post
Wonderful! Great to have you on board! As ED mentioned, Trackpacks are basically pre-setup tracktemplates for OTR for the most popular VIs. Basically, you don't have to worry about even adding your plugin. It's just there. With that said, depending on which plugin is automatically loaded, you may still have to point it to where your sample libraries are stored the first time it launches. In some cases (since the TrackPack libraries are still in their infancy and just getting started with working with developers), you may have to load the plugin, but all of the naming and routing will be setup. Either way, after that first time, just save it and it will be ready each time for you from that point forward. TrackPacks are just another way OTR can improve workflow efficiency. They will be updated as new templates are added to the TrackPacks. Of course you can setup your own too. Videos are coming that will demonstrate the process.
Ah - cool. I have Komplete 10 Ultimate (including Kontakt 5) but my no. 1 go to plugin is Eastwest's Play, including the Hollywood Orchestra (platinum, with multiple mikes etc), the older Symphonic Orchestra, and pretty much everything they released in the past decade or so.

I've been planning to put together a decent orchestral template for several years now, but knowing me, it's one of those things that keeps getting pushed to the back burner ... so in terms of timing this is pretty welcome. Whenever I start a new project, I usually start from scratch, setting up file folders, loading instruments, etc. One of the reasons is that I like to keep it simple and stupid - if I have to stare at hundreds of tracks at the same time, I go nuts. That also means that my midi mockups are pretty crude, with the stuff I have I could do so much better ... time for Spring clean start.
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