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Default XT drivers add no functionality to the stock install

Hey Karb,

Well sorry to say, but the XT drivers are indistinguishable from the stock install (with firmware update).
Functionality is identical, with the same glitches as before.
It almost makes me wonder if Reaper is not seeing/reading the new CSURF file at all(?)

I tested pretty thoroughly, going as far a uninstalling the initial stock install and using the XT only several times. I've been doing computer work for over 30 years, so I'm pretty systematic in my troubleshooting approach.

To recap, I dropped the reaper_csurf_fpxt.ini and the reaper_csurf_fpxt64.dll in the user plugins folder within the Reaper folder specified in options/preferences.
(My Impact LX25.dll is there as well so I'm confident I've configured correctly).
To note: I'm using Win10 pro - 64bit.

Opened Reaper (ver 4.78x64)

Added Mackie Control under control surfaces and specified FP2 as MIDI in and out.

70% joy.

To be clear, the FP2 is very usable (even at 70%) functionality) and this is not a deal-killer for me.
The 3 features not avail on FP2 are easily found with my trackball and keyboard shortcuts.
To redcap, they are:
Proper track selection
Zoom function - vertical and horizontal
Ah, lets throw in fully programmable F1-F4 buttons

It would be really cool to get this dog fully integrated like Studio One, though.
If you have any other thoughts or items to try, I'm game.

I found another thread where people were asking about this new version so I'm going to invite them to view here as well.

Thanks for your input.

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