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Default Still not seeing XT option in control surfaces


Here's the breakdown.

My stock csurf.dll file is located here:

C:\Program Files\REAPER (x64)\Plugins

My Userplugings folder is located here:


I have tried removing the stock csurf, removing it and placing the fpxt64.dll in the same folder, fpxt64.dll in the Reaper folder alongside reaper.ini, and in the UserPlugins folder.

None of these combinations allowed me to see the XT option as a control surface.

Anytime I remove the stock csurf file from its original location, I lose all control surface options except the Impact LX25 controller which is already loaded.

The command line returns invalid entry, so I must have a parameter off for the search.

Both XT files are back in the userplugins folder, and stock csurf is back to original location.

Just can't seem to get reaper to recognize the XT dll file.

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