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Default Similar issues with new Faderport

I just got the new Faderport as well, and after dropping the DLL and .ini file in the right place, I am able to see the FaderportXT in the list of control surfaces (latest Reaper version), and can assign the MIDI In/Out, but the control surface does nothing. If I switch to MCU in Reaper and on the control surface, I get the same capabilities others have mentioned (transport, fader control, write/read automation).

Back to the custom DLL... it is loading correctly, since it shows in the list of control surfaces, but as soon as I choose FaderportXT... no luck.

I'm a programmer as well, though I'm rusty in C++ if that's what it's written in. My skills are more C# and Python. I'm happy to help if there is a shared codebase we can contribute to.

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