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Originally Posted by nheldman View Post
I just got the new Faderport as well, and after dropping the DLL and .ini file in the right place, I am able to see the FaderportXT in the list of control surfaces (latest Reaper version), and can assign the MIDI In/Out, but the control surface does nothing. If I switch to MCU in Reaper and on the control surface, I get the same capabilities others have mentioned (transport, fader control, write/read automation).

Back to the custom DLL... it is loading correctly, since it shows in the list of control surfaces, but as soon as I choose FaderportXT... no luck.

I'm a programmer as well, though I'm rusty in C++ if that's what it's written in. My skills are more C# and Python. I'm happy to help if there is a shared codebase we can contribute to.

It's on GitHub...

I know it works very well on the original Faderport as I have one and was the second of three people to work on it. I think that at least some of the commands should work since incoming it is only a packet of midi data and I'd find it strange for all of those to change between hardware versions. However, if you have the same build that's in the repo then you can fire up reaper, attach Visual Studio to it and set breakpoints.
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