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Originally Posted by Marcus2323 View Post
I have the new Faderport 2018.

I have disabled FP2 in Midi Devices inputs and outputs. I go into Control Surfaces and Add the FaderportXT then set midi inputs and outputs to FP2. I have also tried this with the regular Faderport dll.

I still get the message "Control Surface: Error opening midi outputs"
Marcus, you will see this error if another device is already mapped to those inputs/outputs. If I remove all other devices (obviously do this at your own risk) I can add the Faderport XT and have it map to FP2 input/output without error.

Of course, I still can't get it to do anything once it's mapped, so I'm still using MCU mode for now. I'll keep trying to get it working and post a solution back here if I do.
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