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Originally Posted by Fingers mcginty View Post
Hi all. First post ....
Loving reaper so far. I am trying to get close to john martyn's recorded tone. Specifically this one.

The tone is sublime and I know it's probably to do with mic technique , analog tape etc etc but I just want to get in the ballpark. Is there any way to mimic it through some sort of eq matching thingy in reaper?
I think you're right - it is a good sound.

There's an article about Sound Techniques studios

If you can get a good clean, fairly dead, guitar recording (doubling as necc.) you can fake the rest pretty much. I'd use a tiny bit of room reverb, then a touch of compression, and then a little bit of a nice plate reverb.

A lot of budget capacitor-microphones have far to much going on in the top end for tasteful AG - if you're stuck with something like that be prepared to turn down that top end a couple or few dB.
it's meant to sound like that...
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