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Sound Techniques was famous (I've read) for having a nice sounding room - was a go to spot for string o'dubs as well as folk-rock HQ. So I guess your best bet would be a nice warmish room. I've used the Bricasti wooden room Impulse in Reaverb. If you haven't got hold of the Bricasti impulses - you should.

It's often a good idea to put some eq before such a reverb (on the reverb channel)- you're sort of trying to fake the off axis pickup - so cut out a chunk in the (high) mids? roll off a bit of bass?

A bit of gentle compression after the reverb can help - just a few dB of gain reduction

I'd use the same on both guitars - and probably narrow the width on the verb, it's likely to be a bit wider than you need.

You don't need very much of the room - just enough to set the guitars in a nice space.

If you've got a great sounding room - then just use that. In which case it's all about mic placement.

You probably want a nice plate for the vocal - to taste.

Arguably, you'd want a bit of the room on the vocal as well.

(and possibly, a bit of plate on the guitars :-) )

[Edit] P.S. If you don't mind I'll just have a go at the first attempt that you posted - it won't be right - cos it's already mixed, but you should be able to judge if I'm talking nonsense or not.
it's meant to sound like that...

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