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Originally Posted by gofer View Post
The necessary part would be means to define an NRPN message pair to be prefixed to the events on a CC6 (or the awesome CC6/38) lane.
This is not necessary. The value of CC6/38 will always change the last set RPN/NRPN parameter, so you don't need to define the RPN/NRPN for each CC6/38 event, only when you want to change the parameter you wish to edit.

One possible issue when you're using 14-bit CCs is that you cannot use regular 7-bit CCs anymore (except those above 63 IIRC). It should be switchable as a mode - either you see a list with all 128 CCs, or you'll see a condensed list with 14-bit CCs. The problem goes deeper if you want to use just SOME CCs as 14-bit, not all of them.
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