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Originally Posted by EvilDragon View Post
This is not necessary. The value of CC6/38 will always change the last set RPN/NRPN parameter, so you don't need to define the RPN/NRPN for each CC6/38 event, only when you want to change the parameter you wish to edit.
Believe me, I understand how they work

The whole idea behind prefixing the NRPN pair is to be able to comfortably control multiple target parameters without doing the switch on separate lanes for the NRPN mesages. You'd have a dedicated data CC lane for each target parameter and don't need to care for the NRPN overhead. That's how I did it in Logic back then.

As said, you have to be careful to not overdo it, or you may get into serious timing trouble on the receiving device, but it's as comfortable as controlling a simple CC, that's the whole gist of it.

As of the 14bit, I think it should be a parameter of CC lanes (well, those between 0 and 15 plus RPN and NRPN LSB lanes - those which according to GM specs may have an LSB cousin) to do the LSB message if you so choose. Per lane. The CC dropdown menu could be tweaked to make this possible. Like, offer each single CC like now plus in a separate submenu offer the 14bit-able ones.

I never thought about extending the specs and give other CC an LSB company as well, Needs thinking... You'd need to have receiving devices that actually do something with it, which is seldom enough and outside the specs will be - very rare, no? Normally LSB CC number is MSB CC number + 32 and only meant for CC0 through CC15 (plus the RPN and NRPN couples - maybe I forget some).

But all this should better be mentioned in the 14bit thread.

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