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Originally Posted by Banned View Post
We should perhaps try to combine some of the best features from apps like Logic, Bidule, Max, Numerology, etc. into a consolidated power-user MIDI tools FR in time for Cockos' trip to Paris.

wow..just trying to keep up! U guys are almost over my head...^^

I couldnt agree more with banned statement. But i must say that once u go Environment..u never go back!^^

I think it would kinda break down into this {on a broad view}....a better way of routing midi between tracks. Sort of what i thought the busses were going to do..but i cant seem to apply it in a workflow.
This would include advanced filtering/routing options down to at least note level.

Reacontrol Midi could have a slide out panel graphically showin that tracks routing..or a gloabal view of "the Reaviourment" Liteon built a js that I thought might have gone that way..sigh^^

In this scenario tracks would be like logics enviourment objects...but the midi flow thru all the "track's" midi plugins would be shown and editable in a grapical way. Instead of head scratching and frustration.

Sorry for the kinda off topic. Waddya think?

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