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Default NRPN to control outboard devices

Hi Guys,

If anyone is still monitoring this thread I could use some help pleaxe.

I am trying to send NRPN to a keyboard to change the Tempo/BPM of the device. I can send program change OK so I know the midi connection is working and I have added and enabled ReaControlMidi CC and Bank Program select.

I am sending cc99, cc98 and cc6 but the tempo is not changing According to the Midi map for the device I have the MSB is 2 and the LSB is 63 and the range is 40 to 240 which should fall with an 8 but value? so I don't need cc38?

To get the values in I have selection cc99 cc98 and cc6 under CC in ReaControlMidi and put the values in the boxes to the right.

Am I misunderstood something perhaps?

ATB - Mark
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