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Default New guy with a question or 2

Howdy, in reading your posts I got to wondering what is BFD? I'm brand new to all of this, only got Reaper a few weeks ago and have barely scratched the surface, finally learned how to record a track or two but that's all so far, so be gentle in your words as it's all still like a foreign language to me.
I ran across, and just downloaded, a program today called Hydrogen, it's a drum machine, took me a few minutes to make sounds then it started to get clear how; seems simple and complicated at the same time. Does anyone here know anything about it, have any recommendations or comments on it? I looked but couldn't seem to find a user group/forum relating to it.
At this point I don't know if it would be easier/faster to learn all this programming stuff or just learn to play the set of drums sitting in the corner and dust off the old reel to reels : )
I am wide open to suggestions and any help on anything/everything since I am now at square 2.5 in Reaper.
One last question, I found the Reaper keyboard but I can only use it with the mouse, how do I get it to accept input from the computers keyboard?
Thanks for your time and patience with my curiosities.
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