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Default BFD and other VSTi drumkits

Hi. I'm leaning towards using Reaper in my workflow due to its support for VSTi which unfortunately the otherwise great Adobe Audition does not support. Anyhow, I would appreciate feedback on what folks here use as far as virtual drum kits. Since I'm leaning towards BFD, it would be great to get feedback from anybody that has used in conjuction with Reaper.

The idea is to be record the BFD outputs into Reaper and then generate wav files for the BFD output tracks for the purpose of later loading into AA.

Also, BFD uses certain VST 2.x functionality I recall something about a midi output support ??? and a drag/drop export import support. Perhaps knowledgeable BFD/Reaper users know what this about and if Reaper supports it.

Any advise whatsoever on virtual drum kits such as BFD,Stylus RMX, Groove Agent is greatly appreciated.

thanks in advance,
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