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just so you know, BFD also loads kits nearly immediately.

less than 2 seconds -- it loads a few layers first to get the main sound and then it loads the rest in the background as you preview.
you can also preview as you select pieces, something you cant do in DKFHS not sure about EZD --

if i were you i would make a toss up between EZD and BFD, dont even consider DKFHS, it is not a very good piece of programming imo, i have it as well for the sounds, i used to like them in BFD, but i got rid of them after a while.

i would say jamstix is definetly a great tool to use to feed midi to BFD or EZD.

remember the level of detail you are going to get from EZD is also much less than that of BFD (some kit pieces for the expansions have 256 layers!!! thats twice as much as midi can handle, so they are building new round robin type support for each layer, and there are amazing customization options for performance. My BFD runs great in a large reaper project, running kits at full quality with reduced layers on realtime but full on export.

and the customer service is amazing, check out the forum at

skot,angus, and paul come only second to justin and christophe in my book. They are extremely responsive and updates come out often (although not as often as reaper).

but with BFD prepared to do a bit more work for production.

however, the original sound is great too, here is an example of a scratch idea of mine...

i just threw some beats in and crappy guitar and vocals, absolutely nothing done to the BFD kit.

done in reaper:


PS BFD can also mix all the bleed channels together as well now
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