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I don't have these 'Unknown' entries or flickering.

To sum up my problem:

I experience a terrible lag when I try to automate Send Volume or Send Pan.
(Automating Send Mute or just Volume or Pan works without any problem.)

The problem only occurs when my screen is filled with Items(!)

As soon as I press 'Arm for recording' in all modes except Trim/Read mode the lag is there when I move my fader on my Impulse.

The lag is a lot less obvious when I use my Nord Lead 2 as controller, but is still noticeable.

The lag is a bit less obvious when I activate Preferences/Appearance/Faster Text Rendering.

I experimented with a lot of settings, but the only setting which affects the lag is 'Faster Text Rendering'.

The problem seems somehow related to graphics/rendering (?).

My system:

Xeon X3470 @ 2.94 GHz on an Asus P7P55 LX mainboard with 12 GB RAM. Graphics card: Asus R5 230 1 GB. Sound card: RME HDSPe AIO. Windows 10 LTSC.

All Reaper v5.X versions have the problem and on Windows 7 the problem also occurs.

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