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I've been thinking more about the playback and I know we're in the very early (although very sophisticated) days of notation in Reaper but before I start writing a script for playing back score markings I wanted to check if this was something you were planning to include anyway? - in which case I will just wait patiently for that

Otherwise - I'm wondering how people think this would be best approached. My first thoughts were a JSFX on each track that you can customise for each of your VIs. You'd select an articulation and the corresponding key switch and the effect will do the translation from one to the other. I think the limitation with this is the number of UI controls we can have in JSFX though.

A solution I think would be better is to use XML files - can we read XML in lua? Then each track could have a lua plugin that translated the score marking based on the data in the XML. This would allow us to set up lots of key switch and controller definitions. and I could build an external XML editor to speed up creating VI definition files - which would be fun
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