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Originally Posted by brainwreck
It makes sense to use 7 letters for diatonic based music.
No it doesn't. It does only if you play the 'A minor / C major' natural scales (and modes off of them). Any other tonality or transposition would require "the unnamed" notes.

Originally Posted by brainwreck
To be clear to others about what we are talking about here, a link to the Plain Notation System:
This is slightly old. Thanks for reminding me to update it.

Originally Posted by brainwreck
How for example do you differentiate between these two chord shapes in Plain Notation? (guitar tablature)

Ok. I will assume you are using standard tuning for that guitar (E-A-D-G-B-E low to high) and also that those chords are whole note chords, so that would be Emin in standard and non-standard inversions respectively. So here you have them in Pashkuli:

tell me if you'd like them with other duration. Also note that the red line shows the "octave-range" (renova) separator; also signifies the root at the same time (bult-in).
Edit: Sorry, I forgot the range lines over and under the chord root note letter (L in this case), but you can always write them on.

Originally Posted by brainwreck
Edit:Changed video url (better example)
How does it look with min second or 11th? How can you possibly read 11th!?
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