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Originally Posted by adXok View Post
No it doesn't. It does only if you play the 'A minor / C major' natural scales (and modes off of them). Any other tonality or transposition would require "the unnamed" notes.

This is slightly old. Thanks for reminding me to update it.

Ok. I will assume you are using standard tuning for that guitar (E-A-D-G-B-E low to high) and also that those chords are whole note chords, so that would be Emin in standard and non-standard inversions respectively. So here you have them in Pashkuli:

tell me if you'd like them with other duration. Also note that the red line shows the "octave-range" (renova) separator; also signifies the root at the same time (bult-in).

How does it look with min second or 11th? How can you possibly read 11th!?
Noteheads of 2nds flip direction. Yea... It isn't that bad though. 11th? Take a shot in the dark...

Where is the home / most up to date info about Pashkuli notation? Is there a full legend?
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