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Originally Posted by brainwreck
I mean that the 7 pitches and basic note names of them is foundational in western music. Yes, there really are 12, but from a western music perspective we can think of the other 5 as being ancillary to the 7. I think that throwing out those 7 note names and modifiers isn't as trivial as it might seem on the surface. Now you need a naming system for scales, arpeggios, and chords, since for example, you no longer have any of the common elements of western music for saying F# minor 7.

But I think that the new syllables, letters, and symbols make much more sense to you personally than they will to the average musician.
I completely understand the essential meaning of those "7 note modes" (tonalities also in general) in the so called "Western" music. But music also evolves, new styles come out, new technical means of manipulating sound as well.

Also, even with a system based on '12-note names' one could still call them (scales, chords) whatever they like; be it a major, minor, bebop dominant, lydian dominant, happy, sad, mystic, locrian, ionian, aeolian, lydian, egyptian, hungarian, bulgarian, harmonic, melodic, biharmonic arabian... whatever it may be!
There are even scales named after people (composers or scholars of Music) - insane, but it doesn't matter!

List of Modes and Scales

When I compose something and try to write it down, and when those lines and accidentals and language alphabetical ordered letters appear... and it is just so meaningless.
And when I start learning it on a piano and have to place my thumbs on a black key, the rest of the fingers must wriggle through... some go deeper, some not... and my hand is like "ouch, ooops" having to change "patterns" for the same damn type of chord or scale.
It is just unbearable.

Those syllables and letters do not make much sense to me, because my first language is not English. Hence, I am not so attached to the """originals""" either (A, B, C... or De, Re, Mi). To me they were just randomly placed letters and syllables (before I understood from where they originate... and that made it even more puzzling for me when I was 14).
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