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I don't know, I've never been totally comfortable with notation of any kind.
12 tone scales don't adequately describe the microtones between min3 and maj3, 4 and 5, and 7 and the tonic, which I use a lot in my blues and jazz playing.

I've settled on lyrics with chord names above to document song writing efforts, and occasional use of Nashville charts to record unusual timings.

To me, capturing on paper the depth and breadth of music on paper is akin to trying to draw a hypercube (a 4th dimensional cube) on paper - it fails to capture it adequately. It loses vital musical, emotional and spiritual depth.

So my operational solution is to capture it in .wav files, which have none of those limitations. And it allows other people to learn it and play it given sufficient effort, just as a music score does (just a different type of effort).
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